Our 6 Favorite White Paints for Selling Your Home

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Choosing the right shade of white paint can be a big challenge. It’s highly reflective so you have to consider the other elements in the room. Accent walls, wood tones, bold furnishings, ceiling color, light bulb color temperatures, even the direction the windows are facing (and possibly what’s outside those windows) can all affect the color. White paint is also notorious for having subtle undertones (they’re actually hue families) lurking in it that tend to be magnified once they’re on the wall.

And in case you haven’t noticed yet, white walls are trending right now. Color popularity shifts about every 5 to 7 years. With grays and taupes  starting to see a decline, white walls are on the rise.

Tip: If you’re painting your walls white, consider painting the trim, cabinets, and ceiling the same color but in different sheens.

When choosing a white paint for your home, start by picking up a few actual paper swatches from the store (or get them from one of our Color Consultations). Next, hang them up and compare in your own home. Don’t ever make a paint decision based solely on a swatch you only looked at while in the store, online, saw in your friend’s house, or read about in a blog post!

…and Now, The Paint Colors…

My hope is that this blog post will help point you in the right direction and at least eliminate the colors that won’t work for you. With that in mind, here are a few of my top favorite white paint choices to use when selling your home:

  • White Dove, Benjamin Moore OC 17White Dove is a soft, warm off-white. It’s a classic versatile color that has almost a gray-brown feel (not yellow or creamy). This paint works well with a variety of warm and cool colors without being too stark or bright. It’s also a favorite choice for doors, ceilings, and trim. The cabinets in the photo below are painted in White Dove:

CC traditional-kitchen

  • Alabaster, SW 7008 – Alabaster is a great off-white that’s just a little bit softer and more subtle without being too yellow or creamy. The warmest of the whites I chose, it works really well in homes with lots of earth-tones. Whereas many whites are used primarily as a trim color, Alabaster works just as well on large areas as it does on small. Because it’s still neutral with just a hint of warmth, it works especially well in rooms with a southern exposure. Conversely, it may look a bit lackluster in rooms with north-facing windows. The walls and ceiling of this beautiful kitchen are SW 7008 Alabaster:

Lakeview | Orono, MN - Spring 2018 farmhouse-kitchen

  • Pure White, SW 7005 – Pure White is similar to Alabaster in that it’s a great neutral base with just a tiny hint of warmth. It’s a little crisper than Alabaster and works really well in both warm- and cool-toned homes as a trim, ceiling, and cabinet color. It reads a little warmer in rooms with a southern exposure, while north-facing windows diminish that effect a bit. The perimeter cabinets in this stunning kitchen remodel are in SW 7005 Pure White.

Stunning Kitchen and Whole House Remodel - from "Outdated" to "Gorgeous"! traditional-kitchen

  • Extra White, SW 7006 – Extra White is considered by many designers to be the white-est white in the SW palette. My personal opinion is that it reads a just little more on the cool side. This often makes it a better choice for homes that feature grays, blues, silver tones, and espresso colored woods. As a trim color, it doesn’t pair up quite as well next to warm or earth-tones as Alabaster or Pure White. Extra White is a clean, crisp color that works great for homes that have a more contemporary feel. In rooms with a northern exposure, you may see a bit more iciness in the color. The light from a south-facing room may neutralize this effect (during daylight hours, anyway).

Lansdowne Road Hall Bath transitional-bathroom

  • Chantilly Lace, Benjamin Moore OC 65Chantilly Lace is a crisp, clean white with a bit of an icy edge. It pairs well with cool-toned colors, particularly blues. It may look a little stark in rooms with a northern exposure. The walls of this gorgeous bathroom are painted in Chantilly Lace:

Main Bathroom traditional-bathroom

  • High Reflective White, SW 7757 – High Reflective White is one of the brightest (meaning: reflects the most light) paint colors on the market. It’s a flexible color that works great in homes that have a mix of tones. It’s the brightest white Sherwin-Williams offers with a Light Reflective Value (LRV) of 93 which may make it a little too stark for kitchens and baths with white quartz or marble countertops. In the photo below, all cabinetry and wood work was done in SW 7757 High Reflective White in a low lustre.

Kitchen contemporary-kitchen

Need Help Choosing a Color?

If you’re having a hard time choosing the right color, let us help! The right color can transform a room! Let us help you reinvent your space with paint. Three Bears Home Staging has extensive training and experience with interior and exterior color consultations. Whether it’s for an interior or exterior space, we’ll help you create a custom color palette . Click below to learn more about our online Color Consultation services.

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2 thoughts on “Our 6 Favorite White Paints for Selling Your Home

  1. Loved all of your great tips on whites! I am doing a new build & will live in 1300 sq ft guesthouse in So Cal wine country.,
    Move in date mid January!(my son & family will live in main house) I will be doing all white walls, cabs, doors etc & have very light wide plank wood tile floors marble countertops it’s an open concept kitchen/great room..will have GE cafe series white matte appliances..will bring color in with furnishings & rugs..thinking staying same whites on all different sheens..contenders are:SW Pure White, Extra White, High reflective white, or Behr UltraPure white..would love your thoughts! Thank you so much, Diane

    1. Hi, Diane!
      I love a white kitchen! I’d say the most important thing to keep in mind when you’re going with white appliances is that you should avoid cream, off-white, or warm white colors for your cabinets. White appliances are definitely “cool” and will clash/bring out the undertones of cabinets painted these colors, making them look dingy or gray. So ideally you’ll probably want to choose a “color” or a “true” white for the cabinets. SW High Reflective is a good place to start. BM Chantilly Lace and SW Extra White are also good, but may feel a bit icy. SW Pure White is a touch less stark.
      The best way to decide is to take large scales samples of the actual color (either paint your own onto a piece of posterboard or cheap canvas, order from Samplize, or get some as part of one of our Color Consultations) and hang those samples vertically on the wall to compare. Good luck!

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