Case Study: Before and After a Consultation

Your home’s online photo presentation is competing against many other homes for a buyer’s attention! Preparing and staging a home that will be occupied while it’s on the market can be an overwhelming task for home sellers — but we can teach you how to do it! Take a look at these “before and after” consultation photos…

Get Great Listing Photos…Even When the Budget is Tight

These anxious homeowners were feeling completely overwhelmed. With two small children, they had outgrown their current home and were “bursting at the seems.” They needed a quick sale in order to purchase a new home that better met the needs of their growing family. So…their amazing real estate agent suggested a home staging consultation with us.

Our consultation provided encouraging, step-by-step guidance on changes these homeowners could make in every single space in order to maximize their return on investment. Because they were on a tight budget, we recommended changes using items they already had. These sellers left our consultation feeling motivated and empowered to get the best listing photos possible.

Take a look at the changes these homeowners were able to make after a consultation (with almost $0 budget!) and ask yourself: which photo would you rather see in a home listing?


First impression matter! Simple changes made this entryway feel more open and welcoming.

Living Room

A bulky furniture arrangement and too many personal items were making this spacious living room feel tiny. Simple adjustments show buyers how open this space really is!

Dining Room

This space was being used as a “catch-all” for extra furniture, leaving potential buyers wondering what in the world this extra room was for. We had the homeowners move their large dining set from the breakfast nook and remove the extra furnishings to show potential home buyers how this space could be use for entertaining (high on most home buyers’ “want” list!)

Kitchen & Breakfast Room

This dining table was too large for the space so the homeowners moved it to the dining room and swapped a smaller bistro set they’d had in the garage. Clearing out the kitchen counter space and leaving only a few accessories as “marketing pieces” helped the sellers showcase this fantastic kitchen and breakfast room!

Primary Bedroom

The primary bedroom should have an atmosphere of calm and relaxation — that’s hard to do when it’s full of extra furniture, toys, and exercise equipment. We helped these sellers create a plan to reduce and simplify, making this room now say “welcome home!”

Primary Bathroom

The primary bathroom is a “deal-breaker” space for many buyers. All the day-to-day toiletries and accessories were making it impossible for potential buyers to see the beauty of this space! After a little elbow grease and light staging, this bathroom has that “spa-like” feel that home buyers LOVE!

Daughter’s Bedroom

Making some simple adjustment to lighting and furnishings helped show off what a bright, happy space this little girl’s room was!

Son’s Bedroom

De-personalization and re-arranging existing furnishings helped show off the spaciousness of this additional bedroom!

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Walk & Talk Consultations

Walk and Talk Home Staging Consultations provides immediate, one-on-one feedback on how to prepare each space of an occupied home for the quickest, most profitable sale!

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Online Home Staging Consultations

Just like a Walk and Talk…but done virtually! No matter where you’re located, you can reap the benefits of our affordable, professional Online Home Staging Consultation service!

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