Vacant Staging FAQ

I got quotes from several home stagers, and one is lower than yours. What’s the difference? 

We definitely understand price is an important factor when it comes to making an investment in vacant home staging, but it shouldn’t be the only one. Home staging is an unregulated industry — this means that anyone can advertise themselves as a “stager,” and there are no licensing, insurance, or education requirements. Often, these hobby stagers are inexperienced in analyzing the buyer demographic for the neighborhood, the scale and flow of the house, and don’t have the resources to do a home justice.

While we are not always the lowest priced option, Three Bears Home Staging does offer award-winning, professional service. We are accredited and insured HSR Certified Home Staging and Redesign professionals, winning Best of Houzz Customer Service Awards in Home Staging every year since 2015. We are also a 2019 winner of RESA’s Top 75 Most Influential People in Real Estate Staging and a published expert on home staging.

We encourage you to ensure that your house is being staged by a legitimate, insured business and not by a hobby stager.

How will I be billed?

Three Bears Home Staging requires a valid credit card for all home staging services, including vacant home staging. Your card will be billed 24 hours prior to installation day, and then monthly until the end of your staging commitment or, if you need more time, until you contact us to do a pick up.

Please note, furniture rental and staging services are billed separately. For convenience, the monthly pricing reflected in our “ballpark estimates” represents the combined total of both costs per month based on the lease term you selected.

Do you offer a one-month vacant home staging term?

Sort of. But we don’t recommend it. Short lease terms (60 days or less) are more expensive. Longer lease terms cost quite a bit less per month.

We work with several different furniture rental partners to ensure the largest selection of furniture and greatest value for our clients. Most furniture rental companies offer the best discounts on delivery and monthly pricing with a 90-day rental term.

While 60-day (and depending on the company, sometimes 30-day) rental terms are available, they have significantly higher delivery fees and end up costing more on a monthly basis — which gets expensive if you end up needing to keep the furniture an extra month or two because of a slow real estate market or a buyer’s contract falling through. Therefore, we strongly advise clients to opt for the 90-day staging term.

What if I need to end my staging term earlier than planned (e.g., the house sells before the staging term is finished)?

We can schedule an early pickup of your furniture and accessories if required. However, all furniture leases are legally binding contracts so you would be responsible for the remainder of the lease payments if your contract term has not yet been fulfilled.

When my staging term expires, do you automatically pick up the furniture and accessories?

No. You must contact Three Bears Home Staging to schedule the pickup of your rental furniture. We ask that you contact us to give your pick-up notice at least 15 days in advance. We recommend keeping the home staged at least until your buyer’s option period has ended.

If you need to keep your furniture and accessories for longer than the agreed-upon date, no problem! Your lease will be extended automatically on a month-by-month basis with no premium charge.

When do I have the cleaners come – before or after staging?

Before!  We don’t stage a dirty or dusty house. Staging is the very last step in the process. All construction and repairs should also be completed prior to staging.

How soon can we schedule the photography after staging?

We recommend scheduling photography for the day after staging to ensure we have plenty of time to make everything “just right.”

Can I be at the house while you’re staging it?

In the interest of time management and efficiency, we ask that no one be at the house during staging day, including any contractors, you, your family, or your real estate agent.

For safety reasons, we request absolutely no pets or children visit the property on staging day.

Have more questions? We have answers! Contact us here for more help.