Photo Ready Follow Up Consultation

During the Photo Ready Follow Up Consultation, we help you put the finishing touches in place just before your marketing photos are taken. Realtors love us because amazing listing photos strengthen your market position!

We designed the Photo Ready Follow Up Consultation for homeowners who have already completed the “homework” from our initial consultation but prefer to have a professional eye check over and fine tune any remaining last minute details so the home is ready for the photographer and the real estate market.

**Photo Ready Follow-Up is also available as a remote or virtual service via Zoom appointment!**

Starting at $149/hour (minimum 1-hour session). We require a valid credit card to book the appointment. Available to clients who have completed their “homework” from their initial consultation. We recommend booking this consultation at least 24- to 48-hours prior to your photography appointment so that you have plenty of time to make any necessary last minute adjustments we may recommend.

Our Photo Ready Follow Up Consultations provide amazing before and after results!

If you’ve already completed an Online Home Staging Consultation or a Walk & Talk Consultation and you’re ready to book a follow-up, we would love to hear from you!