Our Favorite Things: 2nd Annual Holiday Gift Guide

It’s the most wonderful time of year: gift guide time! Let’s make the holidays beautiful and bright with the second edition of Our Favorite Things! We’re focusing our spotlight on creative artisans and products that also give back (so that we can all do the most good with the dollars we’re already planning to spend).Continue reading “Our Favorite Things: 2nd Annual Holiday Gift Guide”

DIY Holiday Simmer Scents: Make Your House Smell Great for the Holidays!

You know we love simmering potpourri recipes (read our posts about Simmer Scents for Autumn and Summer). They’re a simple, cost-conscious way to make your house smell warm and comforting for the holidays using fruits and spices and WITHOUT the use of harmful chemicals! They’re especially useful for anyone planning to put their home on the market soon — research shows that potential buyers can find overly complex fragrances too distracting. These natural fragrance recipes are super light and clean, a great way to make your house smell welcoming to anyone who visits this holiday season!