Great Paint Colors for Home Staging or Selling Your House: Taupe!

Taupes and other neutrals aren’t really that exciting, but for a home that’s on the market, these colors usually present an ideal view of your home in terms of size, shape, and mood. They also allow buyers to envision themselves and their belongings in the home without being swayed by your personal design style.

4 Tips to Help You Get Organized in the New Year

January is the perfect time for a fresh start in your home! Whether you plan to stay put or you’re getting ready to sell your home, start the new year off right by getting organized and enjoying the benefits of a neater, easier-to-maintain home. Stop adding clutter. Avoid making bulk purchases or stocking up onContinue reading “4 Tips to Help You Get Organized in the New Year”

“Merchandising” Your Space for Home Buyers

What people actually do and what they dream of doing are often two very different things. For example, not all buyers entertain lots of company… but they all envision a lifestyle of entertaining. Interesting, isn’t it? Home staging is 100% visual merchandising. It is about creating spaces that bring the vision to life — spaces your buyer demographic can dreamContinue reading ““Merchandising” Your Space for Home Buyers”

How to Improve Curb Appeal When Selling Your Home

Let’s be honest — we don’t live in our front yard so we have a tendency to overlook the many cobwebs, grease stains, and water stains that accumulate there. But never, ever underestimate the importance of curb appeal to a potential buyer. A buyer’s critical eye will not miss a detail, however, especially when they areContinue reading “How to Improve Curb Appeal When Selling Your Home”