Easy DIY Multi-Purpose Cleaner That Really Works!

Being the fastidious creature that I am I decided to use the opportunity to get ahead on some serious spring cleaning and try some new, thriftier, healthier, and more effective DIY cleaning solutions. I did a little research, and y’all…I feel like I accidentally stumbled onto the secret sauce of cleaning. This DIY recipe (which, apparently, is NOT a secret at all if you spend even 30 seconds looking on Pinterest, as it’s featured on a number of different sites) is amazing. It’s all-natural has done the work for me on everything I’ve sprayed it on.

DIY Simmer Scents for Summer: Make Your House Smell Great!

Simmering potpourri recipes are an easy and inexpensive way to make your house smell seasonally fresh using common household ingredients and WITHOUT the use of harmful chemicals! Because these natural fragrance recipes are light and clean, they’re especially useful for anyone planning to put their home on the market soon…