Vacant Home Staging Packages


Vacant home staging is for empty properties ready to be placed on the market for sale, rent, or as a model. Empty rooms actually appear smaller than those with furniture! By bringing in furniture pieces and accessories, prospective buyers get a better idea of scale and purpose, helping them visualize their own belongings in each room.

How It Works

We differ from other staging companies in that we base our pricing for vacant homes on the individual needs of the house rather than square footage or number of rooms. Take a look at our 4-step process:

  1. In-Home Initial Consultation: We visit the home in person, diagram and measure rooms, map out furniture, and plan accessories for maximum impact.
  2. Formal Proposal: E-mailed to you within 48 hours of the Initial Consultation, we outline all staging and rental costs. Just sign and return to get started!
  3. Staging Day: Sit back and relax while we handle everything! We coordinate with our rental partners to ensure a smooth furniture delivery on staging day, and bring along additional accessories from our company inventory to perfectly showcase your space!
  4. De-Staging: Once the home is under contract, we spend an additional day packing up, and if necessary, coordinating rental furniture pick-up. *We recommend leaving the home staged through the inspection period. 


  • All Vacant Home Staging Packages require an in-home Initial Consultation to determine the staging needs of the home. Initial Consultation fee is $99. A valid credit card is required to book the appointment. If you select our company to stage the home, we will apply a $99 credit toward your final bill, making the consultation FREE.
  • We work with a furniture rental company, which limits some of the costs we are able to control.
  • Vacant Staging Packages are typically 90-day contract terms.
  • Pricing is based on the needs of the home, amount of furniture/accessories needed to complete the staging, and duration of rental.
  • Because every property is different, we cannot provide an estimate on price without performing an in-home Initial Consultation. If you’d like more information on the average cost of staging a home in Texas, you can also review this Real Estate Staging Pricing Report by the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA).

Vignette or Accessories-Only Home Staging


We offer Vignette Staging Packages! This accessories-only package can help define the purpose of an empty space and instantly help a vacant house feel more like a home.

Vignette staging includes artwork, fireplace displays, greenery, and countertop accessories that will fill-out and enhance your listing (does not include pillows, rugs, furniture, or bedding). Offered on a month-to-month basis, this type of staging can be the perfect solution for a photography shoot or an open house presentation.

  • All Vignette Staging Packages require an in-home Initial Consultation to determine the staging needs of the home. Initial Consultation fee is $99. A valid credit card is required to book the appointment.

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