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Vacant home staging is for empty properties ready to be placed on the market for sale, rent, or as a model. Empty rooms actually appear smaller than those with furniture! By bringing in furniture pieces and accessories, prospective buyers get a better idea of scale and purpose, helping them visualize their own belongings in each room.

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Vacant Home Staging Packages

We try to accommodate clients at different price points by offering a variety of staging packages. We can scale packages up or down based on budget and the needs of the home. Our Vacant Home Staging packages include an in-home Initial Consultation, selection and coordination of furnishings, room design and set-up, inventory delivery, de-staging, and inventory pick-up. Visit our online Portfolio to see samples of our Vacant Home Staging and read Testimonials from satisfied clients!

Our staging services are offered on either a 60-day or 90-day basis. After the initial term, an option to renew is available.

  • Platinum:  Living Room, Kitchen, Half/Guest Bathroom, Formal Dining Room or Breakfast Nook, Master Suite, and Home Office
  • Gold:  Living Room, Kitchen, Half/Guest Bathroom, Formal Dining Room or Breakfast Nook, and Master Suite
  • Silver: Living Room, Kitchen, Half/Guest Bathroom, Formal Dining Room or Breakfast Nook
  • Bronze: Living Room, Kitchen, Half/Guest Bathroom
  • Additional Spaces and Custom Package: We can add additional rooms to our existing packages or customize a proposal based on the needs of your home.
  • Vignette or Accessories-Only: A great option when working with a limited budget, accessories can help define the purpose of an empty space and instantly help a vacant house feel more like a home. Vignette Staging may include artwork, fireplace displays, greenery, and countertop accessories that will fill-out and enhance your listing. Offered on a month-to-month basis, this type of staging can be the perfect solution for a photography shoot or an open house presentation.

How It Works

Because no two homes are alike, all Vacant Home Staging Packages require an in-home Initial Consultation with one of our HSR-Certified Professional Home Stagers to determine the precise needs of the home. During this consultation, we diagram and measure rooms, map out furniture, plan accessories, make recommendations on updates or repairs that will maximize return on investment. Afterward, we’ll e-mail a proposal to you outlining all staging and rental costs for your particular property. Just sign and return to get started — then sit back and relax while we handle everything!

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Initial Consultation fee for Vacant Home Staging is $99. A valid credit card is required to book the appointment. If you select our company to stage the home, we will apply a $99 credit toward your final bill, making the consultation FREE.

Need a general idea of what it may cost to stage your property? We can give you a ball park estimate! Fill out the form below, and we’ll be in touch with some pricing options.

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