Color By The Numbers™ | Online Course

Color By The Numbers™ is a self-paced, online course that teaches you a practical, objective way to evaluate color in your own home.

Our goal is simple: We want to help you learn how to choose interior paint colors with confidence and intention. We’ll help you remove the guesswork and subjectivity by teaching you how to use the science of color to get the paint results you want!

What You Get When You Enroll in Our Paint Color Course

  • 100% online, on-demand access — completely at your own pace, with a full year of unlimited access
  • 7 modules with video lessons
    • Module 1: Understanding the Basics of Color
    • Module 2: How to Find Hue, Value, & Chroma
    • Module 3: Understanding LRV and How It Can Help
    • Module 4: Evaluating Your Light Sources
    • Module 5: Decoding Neutrals
    • Module 6: Unlocking the Secret to Choosing White Paint
    • Module 7: Putting It All Together
  • Practice activities and quizzes to test your skills
  • Downloadable workbook of infographics, checklists, tools, and worksheets, including:
    • our exclusive Color Wheel tool
    • spectral data breakdowns on 20 of the most popular near-neutral paint colors from Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore
    • spectral data breakdowns on the 20 most popular white paints

With Our Course, Understanding Paint Color Has Never Been Easier!

Whether you’re a homeowner, a real estate agent, a home stager, or simply a paint color enthusiast, Color By The Numbers™ is designed to teach you a practical, evidence-based approach to evaluating color in 7 simple, easy-to-understand lessons. These lessons are designed to be super-accessible with information you can use immediately. No need to wade through hours of data and coursework — just simple, straightforward, practical information to help you remove the guesswork when it comes to interior paint color.

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Learn What Colors to Pick

Stop guessing and start choosing wisely! Knowing the basics of color theory and how to use spectral data will give you confidence when it comes to picking the perfect color for your design project. (No more staring at tiny paint chips in the store trying to guess what hidden “undertones” may be lurking in the background!)

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Color Confidently

With Color By The Numbers™, you’ll start with the fundamentals—the science of color, how it works, and how you can use that knowledge to make good design decisions. Our paint color course teaches you how to evaluate neutrals and how to choose the right white paint for your project. We’ll even teach how light affects your color choices! Once you understand the process, you’ll never look at color the same way again!

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Our online course is the perfect place to start your paint color journey.

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Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Who is this course for?

This course is designed specifically for homeowners and color enthusiasts!

While home stagers, e-designers, painters, and paint store pros will learn new strategies for predicting and managing how color will render in a space and are absolutely invited to enroll, please understand this is not a professional-level course and does not provide any certification or CE credits. It does provide lots of practical, evidence-based information about color in a straightforward, easy-to-understand format.

Is this course 100% online?

Yep! Even your Workbook is a fillable PDF! (We strongly recommend using a desktop or laptop computer, though. Some features may be harder to use or access on a mobile device.)

What’s in the course? What will I learn?

Take a look at our course syllabus below:

paint course syllabus
How do I access the course?

Create an account at checkout, and you’ll be able to download your Course Workbook (a fillable PDF) and Instructions to Access the Course (PDF) immediately after purchase. You’ll also receive links to download these documents via email. You can log into your account on our website to download at any time. Your course access is valid for one year from the date of enrollment.

How long will it take me to finish the course?

Many students finish the course in one day, but it’s self-paced so you can go as slow or fast as you like! The course is comprised of 7 videos that average about 10-minutes each. Re-watch as many times as you want. You’ll have access to the course for a full year from your date of enrollment.

Will this course teach me how to choose exterior colors as well?

Not necessarily. While many of the basic color principles you’ll learn can be applied when selecting exterior paint colors, in this course our emphasis is on choosing interior paint color with respect to lighting and interior finishes.

Will I learn how to mix paint colors in this course?

No. We teach you how to predict and manage paint color that’s dry on the walls. Handling the complex chemical composition of pigments and base formula is best handled by the experts at the paint store, and we teach you how to maximize the potential of what they have to offer.

Are you trying to trick me into taking chemistry? Will I have to do a bunch of complicated math and formulas?

No way. There’s very little math involved (nothing a third-grader couldn’t do). It sounds and looks a little overwhelmingly scientific and mathematical at first blush, but the process really isn’t that complex. You just need someone to show you how to apply it to choosing paint colors…and we’re pretty good at teaching people!

Does the process your course teaches only work for certain paint brands? Do I need a fan deck?

Nope – our process works for all of them! What we teach you in this course applies to all paint brands! No more eyeballing those tiny little chips trying to see invisible undertones. Once you learn how the science of color works, tools like fan decks just become fun bonuses.

“I’m Vannessa Rhoades, creator of the Color By The Numbers™ online course. Since 2013, I have specialized in providing positive and empowering home staging and color consultations for hundreds of homeowners in-person in the Houston metro area and online across the country. Here are 7 great reasons to enroll!

Color By The Numbers™ will…

  • ….teach you a practical, evidence-based approach to evaluating color.
  • …remove the guesswork and subjectivity.
  • …teach you how to locate spectral data and use it to find the color you want.
  • …inspire confidence in your color choices.
  • …simplify choosing the perfect white paint.
  • …decode the mystery of neutral paint.
  • …explain how light can change the look of your paint color.