How to Take Pictures for Real Estate Listings

A picture can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, especially when it comes to selling your house. According to the National Association of Realtors, 95% of buyers begin their home search online, so having top-notch listing photos is key to getting lots of traffic and a quick sale. Our top two most important tips for getting the best listing photos are pretty straightforward…

Choosing the Right Light Bulb: Watts Aren’t Everything

As a home stager, one of the most common (and most easily fixed) “boo-boos” I see among home sellers is using the wrong light bulb for the job. Replacing light bulbs can have a big return on investment, not only in terms of energy costs, but in the visual impact it makes on potential buyers — even a subtle change in lighting can make a big difference in the vibe of the room! Next time you’re shopping for the best light bulbs to showcase your home, be sure to check these 4 crucial details:

7 Budget-Friendly Ways to Give Today’s Home Buyers What They’re Looking For

To maximize your selling and renovation budget, pay attention to features that will make your home more attractive to today’s potential buyers.