What Your Realtor Won’t Tell You (But Your Home Stager Will)

Ever wondered what your realtor won’t tell you? How they really feel about your home? Advising clients on how to prepare their homes for sale can be a very sensitive conversation. Most homeowners tend to be (understandably) emotionally attached to their homes and furnishings. Telling a homeowner that something in the house is a distractionContinue reading “What Your Realtor Won’t Tell You (But Your Home Stager Will)”

The Rules of Good Home Seller Etiquette

Part of our job educating home sellers on how to have a more successful sale means teaching them the rules that govern good home seller behavior. Believe it or not, there is (sort of an unwritten?) code of etiquette for home sellers (there’s definitely one for home buyers, too — we’ll circle back to that one on a different day). And just like all codes of conduct, the rules governing home seller etiquette are meant to reflect an attitude of consideration, kindness, and respect toward your potential home buyers and the real estate agents trying to sell your home.

Tips for Safer Home Showings During COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

While avoiding direct contact with others is obviously the best way to ensure the safety of agents, buyers, and sellers, it may not always be possible. There are some precautions that can be taken to minimize the risk if agents or clients do host an in-person showing. Feel free to share the infographic below or download a free PDF version here.

Our Top Recommended Cleaning “Must-Haves” for DIY Home Staging

When it comes to selling your home, cleanliness says a LOT to your potential buyers (so does dirtiness, for that matter). Home buyers are some of the most judgemental visitors that will ever darken your door (and understandably so, right? — they’re trying to decide whether they want to invest thousands of dollars in yourContinue reading “Our Top Recommended Cleaning “Must-Haves” for DIY Home Staging”

How to Gross Out Potential Buyers (and Maybe Some of Your Friends) Without Knowing It

Clearly, “grossed out” is not the vibe you’re going for when trying to sell your home. Eliminating the types of things most likely to trigger sensitivities in your potential buyers can make a big difference in how quickly your home sells!

4 “Kiss of Death” Phrases I Hear Home Sellers Use Before They Even List Their House

There are some who are still on the fence about selling. Some who are really out of touch with how the current real estate market operates. And, every once in awhile, a few who leave me wondering why they even called me at all. These clients typically utter at least one of the following “kiss of death” phrases and will invariably sabotage their home sale before they ever get started…