Home Staging Secrets: How Plants Can Help Sell Your House

The organic look and feel of green plants definitely add something to a room. It’s a marketing technique that professional home stagers employ with every home they stage, and it’s one you can use too.  Home Staging with Real Plants vs. Artificial Plants vs. Fresh-Cut Flowers Though beautiful, we don’t typically advise homeowners to investContinue reading “Home Staging Secrets: How Plants Can Help Sell Your House”

5 Home Staging Goals That Aren’t Worth It to Your Bottom Line

Some home staging tasks just aren’t worth it when it comes to prepping your home for sale. Getting a house ready to go on the market is a huge endeavor, and the bottom line is that not all tasks are a good return on investment. Using your time efficiently and effectively is critical when preparing your home for sale. Here are a few of the biggest time wasters we’ve seen over the years when it comes to home staging.

19 Beautiful Amazon Bookshelf Accessories You Need for Home Staging

Amazon is a great place to start when shopping for beautiful bookshelf accessories. For home staging, you’ll need pieces that are affordable, easy to style, and neutral. Balancing just the right amount of books and decor pieces with enough negative space is especially important when showcasing a home that’s for sale. Photo by Madison ModernContinue reading “19 Beautiful Amazon Bookshelf Accessories You Need for Home Staging”

How to Choose the Ideal Art Size for Above the Bed

In my home staging consultations, I’m often asked how to choose the ideal size art for above the bed. There’s really no perfect answer and lots of variation to take into account when it comes to ceiling height, headboard size, and style of the room. That means there are a lot of beautiful art combinations that can look great and really help show off your bedroom to potential home buyers! I’ve compiled some general guidelines below to help you get started…