Types of Flooring for Staging or Selling a Home

“What types of flooring materials should I put in my home if I’m planning to sell?”
Oh, boy…that is a loaded question. There’s usually not one right answer. And there are most definitely some wrong answers.

7 Products to Buy at Grove Collaborative for Home Staging and Selling

Making sure your home looks and smells clean is a top priority when staging your home for sale. And this is where a company like Grove Collaborative can save you time and money. If you love… the convenience of online shopping, getting better deals than supermarket prices, being able to control your budget, never runningContinue reading “7 Products to Buy at Grove Collaborative for Home Staging and Selling”

What Your Realtor Won’t Tell You (But Your Home Stager Will)

Ever wondered what your realtor won’t tell you? How they really feel about your home? Advising clients how to prepare their home for sale can be a very sensitive conversation. Most homeowners tend to be (understandably) emotionally attached to their homes and furnishings. Telling a homeowner that something in the house is a distraction andContinue reading “What Your Realtor Won’t Tell You (But Your Home Stager Will)”

Budget-Friendly Home Staging Decor from Walmart

Are you staging your home on a budget? It can feel more than a little overwhelming. My clients on a tight budget often worry whether they’ll even be able to find beautiful decor options to show off the home they’re selling. Fortunately, this is where big box stores, the Internet, and a great home stagingContinue reading “Budget-Friendly Home Staging Decor from Walmart”

Outdoor Home Staging Decor from Amazon

Staging your outdoor space with the right decor can pay off in spades when it’s time to sell! According to the National Association of Realtors’ Profile of Home Staging report, 63% of buyers ranked staging outdoor spaces as “important” or “very important.” Buyers want an outdoor space that adds “visual” square footage to the home.Continue reading “Outdoor Home Staging Decor from Amazon”

How to Choose Exterior Paint Colors

When it’s time to choose exterior paint colors for your home, you have to be patient and lay a little groundwork. There are a number of factors that can affect the outcome of your color choices. Sometimes the colors you love and what will work on your home are two separate things. Choosing a greatContinue reading “How to Choose Exterior Paint Colors”