19 Beautiful Amazon Bookshelf Accessories You Need for Home Staging

Amazon is a great place to start when shopping for beautiful bookshelf accessories. For home staging, you’ll need pieces that are affordable, easy to style, and neutral. Balancing just the right amount of books and decor pieces with enough negative space is especially important when showcasing a home that’s for sale. Photo by Madison ModernContinue reading “19 Beautiful Amazon Bookshelf Accessories You Need for Home Staging”

How to Choose the Ideal Art Size for Above the Bed

In my home staging consultations, I’m often asked how to choose the ideal size art for above the bed. There’s really no perfect answer and lots of variation to take into account when it comes to ceiling height, headboard size, and style of the room. That means there are a lot of beautiful art combinations that can look great and really help show off your bedroom to potential home buyers! I’ve compiled some general guidelines below to help you get started…

24 of Our Favorite Front Door Paint Colors to Help Sell Your House

Front door paint colors can have a tremendous effect on your home’s curb appeal. After all, it’s the first part of the house a potential buyer will actually see up close! Your front entry should be warm and welcoming to guests. While there are endless paint color options for your front door, the most important consideration when preparing to sell is choosing a color that fits the style and color palette of your home. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite front door paint colors and a few tips to help them stand out (or blend in).

8 Front Porch Decor Ideas to Boost Your Curb Appeal this Spring

Adding a few trendy spring decor pieces to your front porch can really elevate your home’s style and have a powerful impact on a buyer’s first impression. Take a look at these front porch decor ideas that are sure to boost your curb appeal this spring.

10 Smart, Simple Home Decor Updates That Will Help You Sell Your Home

Even in a sellers’ market, strategic home decor updates can have a powerful effect on your home’s “buyer appeal.” Making smart home decor updates can increase the perceived value and desirability of your home. Houses that look newer, well-maintained, clean, and more or less “turn-key” are more desirable to potential buyers. These homes generate more demand and sell more quickly…and often, for more money.

Home Design Trends to Expect in 2022

It’s a new year and time to re-examine home design trends for 2022. We’ve spent a lot more time in our homes the past two years, loving or hating everything around us. The 2022 home design trends reflect that by prioritizing comfort, feeling good, and function over form. Take a look at a few recurrentContinue reading “Home Design Trends to Expect in 2022”

5 Timeless Paint Colors for Your Home

Choosing truly timeless paint colors can feel a bit overwhelming. Planning to sell your home within the next five years? You have even more at stake when it comes to choosing the right paint color! And if you’ve spent a hot minute on Pinterest, Houzz, Instagram, or HGTV trying to figure out what’s “hot andContinue reading “5 Timeless Paint Colors for Your Home”

Our Favorite Things: 2nd Annual Holiday Gift Guide

It’s the most wonderful time of year: gift guide time! Let’s make the holidays beautiful and bright with the second edition of Our Favorite Things! We’re focusing our spotlight on creative artisans and products that also give back (so that we can all do the most good with the dollars we’re already planning to spend).Continue reading “Our Favorite Things: 2nd Annual Holiday Gift Guide”

Kitchen Inspiration for Home Staging and Redesign

Looking for kitchen inspiration? Whether you’re staging your home for sale or redesigning an existing space for your own personal pleasure, you can use decor inspiration from photos you love to guide your choices. For example, take a look at this amazing, gorgeous kitchen designed by Martha O’Hara Interiors. Photo by Martha O’Hara Interiors –Continue reading “Kitchen Inspiration for Home Staging and Redesign”