Quiz: Is Your Home Ready to Sell?

Are you ready to sell your house? You may feel like you’re ready…but that doesn’t necessarily mean your house is. Have you done everything in your power to squeeze out every penny of hidden equity in your home? To successfully sell your home quickly and profitably?

To find out, take our market-ready quiz below to see where you stand—and what areas you may need to brush up on before you list your home.

1. If a potential buyer drove up to your house right now, what would they say about your home’s curb appeal?


2. Have you completed necessary repairs?


3. Is your home “white-glove” clean and free of clutter?


4. Have you evaluated the lighting throughout your home?


5. Do you plan to have your listing photos taken by a professional real estate photographer?


6. Are you working with a trusted real estate agent to properly price and market your home?


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