5 Easy Ways to Style Your Thanksgiving Table

style thanksgiving table

Whether your Thanksgiving traditions feature a formal, candlelit dinner table or a relaxed afternoon with football and feasting (or even somewhere in between), use a few of our holiday tips to help style a festive Thanksgiving table that is just right for you and yours.

  • Add brightness and contrast to your Thanksgiving meal with edible garnishes! Surround your bird with fresh sage and citrus fruits. Sprinkle bright red pomegranate seeds in a butternut squash soup. Top fluffy mashed potatoes with fresh green chives. Make your meal look as good as it tastes!
style thanksgiving table
Photo via foodnetwork.com
  • Roll out craft paper for a simple, neutral runner or tablecloth. Decorate it yourself or invite guests to write messages–perfect for a kids’ table!
  • Brighten the mood with a little sparkle! Touches of gold and glowing candles add a beautiful bit of drama style to your Thanksgiving table.
style thanksgiving table
Photo via Pottery Barn
  • Add natural elements, like flowers or a simple sprig of rosemary or thyme, on each place setting to make your table feel festive without being overly fancy.
  • Create super simple homemade place cards by tying name tags to mini pumpkins with a little twine. It’s all in the details!
style thanksgiving table
Photo via Holly Mathis

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