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Are you a Realtor? Then you’re extra special to us!

We work with real estate agents like you to educate sellers on the benefits of properly preparing their home for sale. An educated seller better understands how potential buyers may view their home and is more motivated not only to make necessary updates and improvements, but to price their property realistically.

How can staging consultations make a difference?

  • Listings spend less time on the market — a whopping 86% less time on the market compared to their un-staged neighbor (Real Estate Staging Association)
  • Increases the dollar value buyers are willing to offer by up to 10 percent, according to the 2019 National Association of Realtors Profile of Home Staging
  • Improve your marketing efforts with better photos
  • Increase your number of showings (Fellow agents love showing staged homes!)
  • Enhance your reputation as Realtor utilizing the latest techniques available to sell homes
  • Are a value added service to present during your listing presentation
  • Offer solutions when presenting an expired listing that has grown stale
  • You are freed up to do what you were hired to do…MARKET THE PROPERTY!

The ultimate benefit is to both you and your seller for an enhanced listing that appeals to more buyers, which leads to a quicker sale and more money (which also means happier clients!)

Want to see some real-life results of what a consultation can do? Click below to see a case study with before and after photos from one homeowner’s online consultation.

How We Can Help Agents & Brokers

Take a look at some of the tools we offer exclusively to our Realtor partners…

Booking Services

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Take a look at the services we offer or tell us what you you’re looking for, and we’ll contact you ASAP to set something up!

Incorporating Consultations Into Your Listing Package

We’ve put together a FREE PDF guide to help Realtors understand how online home staging consultations work and how to prepare their clients on what to expect.

Canva Templates for Real Estate Agents

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Take your branding to the next level with our chic and upscale design Canva templates! Canva’s super easy, user-friendly drag-and-drop tools combined with our easily customizable home staging and home selling templates help you market your brand and showcase your own stunning photos. All templates are available for instant download immediately after payment, no shipping required!

Downloadable Staging Statistics for Clients

We offer educational information on the benefits and high ROI of home staging that’s great to include in your listing presentation. Take a look at this easy to understand graphic or download the full 2019 report from the National Association of Realtors.

Presentations for Office Meetings

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We want to make it as simple as possible for agents and home sellers to understand what home staging is, its value, and how to use it. We’re available for virtual (and, when possible, in-person) educational presentations and Q&A sessions for your office or group meeting. Just click below to get in touch with us or to schedule a date for your office.

How to Hire a Home Stager

The Consumer’s Guide to Real Estate Staging is a fantastic FREE manual compiled by RESA (Real Estate Staging Association) that can help educate both your team and your clients on the important things to consider when hiring a home staging partner.