Realtor’s Guide to Online Home Staging Consultations

Our Process: An Overview

Our Process: The Details

1. Book the Consultation

  • link to our Online Home Staging Questionnaire & Photo Upload Form
  • link to our exclusive/interactive, Home Prep Guide & Workbook
  • links to information on how to prepare and what to expect during our consultation

2. Submit Info

Next, your homeowner client follows the instructions to answer our online questionnaire, upload photos of their home, & indicate their preferred appointment time using the links provided. Photos don’t have to be perfect — we just need a general sense of where everything is. *If the home is currently listed, we can use the existing listing photos, or you can submit photos on your client’s behalf.

3. Receive Confirmation

After all photos have been uploaded and the questionnaire has been submitted, you and your homeowner client will receive an email confirming the appointment date and time.

4. Consultation Day

On Consultation Day, we meet with the homeowner via Zoom at the designated appointment time. Using their photos to create a special slide presentation, we’ll “walk” through each room together, discuss the recommended staging in each space, determine priorities, and create a plan to enter the market. Realtors are welcome to be part of the Zoom meeting as well, but it’s not necessary. Consultations last about 1 1/2 to 2 hours, depending on the size of the home.

You and your client will receive a recording of the Zoom consultation. Written reports are available for an additional charge.

Realtor’s Guide: What Homeowners Can Expect

  • First, we’ll discuss their home, goals, and expectations. We will work with the homeowner’s needs, buyer demographic, and market in order to help them transform each room for a faster, more profitable sale.
  • Encourage your client to take notes during the photo “walk-through” of their home. We will be approaching each space as a prospective buyer would, gathering first impressions and noticing details.
  • We always try to work with what your homeowner already has first. Occasionally, we may recommend investing in additional accessories or suggest home updates or repairs that have a high return on investment.
  • We’ll help the homeowner prioritize projects based on the home’s needs, budget, and time constraints. These consultations aren’t about making the place perfect. They’re about helping homeowners find a practical approach to doing the best they can with the resources they have available. Our goal is to motivate and inspire your sellers to take action on what is doable, not overwhelm them with a bunch of unreasonable requests.
Wondering if our Online Home Staging Consultations are effective? This client received multiple offers above the asking price within days of putting her house on the market. (And she didn’t have to spend a fortune — we helped her work with what she already had!)

Realtor’s Guide: How to Prepare Clients for the Consultation

  • Due to the sheer volume of information we will cover, we recommend homeowners limit distractions and interruptions (from pets, phones, television, children, and other family members) as much as possible during the consultation.
  • Reassure homeowners that they should NOT feel self-conscious about each room. We are putting on our most critical buyer’s eyes so we can help them market their most valuable commodity to its fullest potential. This will allow them to make more money and sell their house faster.
  • Encourage homeowners to keep an open mind and think in terms of future revenue for today’s hard work.  A staged home looks different from a “lived-in” home so we can discuss what would be “ideal” versus what is “practical” given their current living situation. The homeowner sets the boundaries.

Realtor Testimonials

realtor's guide to online home staging consultations, realtor testimonial
realtor's guide to online home staging consultations, realtor testimonial
realtor's guide to online home staging consultations, realtor testimonial

**Our Online Home Staging Consultations are not appropriate for vacant homes. These consultations are geared toward occupied homes that have existing furnishings.**