How to Accessorize a Coffee Table, End Table or Nightstand

Not sure which decor to use to accessorize a coffee table? Stuck on how to style an end table or nightstand? The possibilities are endless, and there are no hard and fast rules, but the goal is to always keep basic design principles in mind while using accessories as tools to express the homeowner’s style (redesign) or to freshen up and neutralize the room (staging).   Use these tips to find decor to accessorize any coffee table, end table or nightstand for your home staging or redesign project:

coffee table end table nightstand decor
  • Use groupings in odd numbers (three to five pieces is ideal).
  • Vary the heights of items used (small, medium, and large) to keep the eye moving. A popular staging trick is using a small stack of books to add extra height to an accessory!
  • Incorporate organic elements (plants, branches, sea shells, flowers, wooden bowls) to bring the outside in.
  • Layer your accessories.  It’s okay to let a lamp cover a portion of the artwork or to layer art elements.

Accessorizing for Staging vs. Redesign

For staging, choose neutral decor for the coffee table, end table, or night stand that updates any setting without showcasing a hobby or profiling the owner (while your home is on the market is NOT the time to display your collection of sports memorabilia or unicorn figurines). For redesign, however, it’s all about the homeowner and surrounding them with the things they love (NOW you can bring out that collection); use unique items that add character, such as something purchased from a trip, and group around it.

Need Recommendations?

We’ve compiled a FREE design board and clickable shopping list of some our most frequently recommended products for DIY home staging accessories, from pretty lamps and trays to realistic-looking faux botanicals — all available with one click from Amazon. Use it as inspiration to shop for your own coffee table, end table, or nightstand decor… or you can order directly from the list with just one click!

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