The 5 Dirtiest Places You May Not Be Cleaning

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The time for spring cleaning has begun! While conspicuously gross places like toilet bowls and garbage cans are clear targets for disinfection, there are other less obvious, more nefarious dirty spots that we touch on a daily basis. To keep your household healthy and happy, take a look at some of the dirtiest places in your home you may be missing and how to clean them.

Drip Coffee Maker

Most home coffee makers don’t stay hot enough for a long enough period of time to kill bacteria that may be growing in the dark, wet interior of the machine.

Solution: Pour equal parts white vinegar and water into the reservoir, then switch on the brew cycle. Halfway through, turn off the coffeemaker and let the solution sit for about an hour. Turn it on again to complete the cycle, then run several cycles with clean water.

Remote Controls

As one of the most frequently used and handled devices in the home, it’s no surprise that remote controls are full of germs.

Solution: Use a disinfectant cleaner to wipe down remotes regularly, especially if you’ve got a sick person in the home.

Bags and Purses

The surfaces of women’s handbags and purses are one of the dirtiest places in a home or office setting, according to a study by the University of Arizona (and since those purses and bags go home with us, guess where the germs go?).

Solution: Don’t set your purse on the floor of restrooms or public places. Launder washable bags weekly, and wipe down leather purses with a disinfectant wipe every few days.

Bath Mats

They lie on the floor of one of the dirtiest rooms in the home, collecting moisture, hair, and dead skin cells. The damp, dark environment of a bath mat makes it a haven for growing germs, and thus one that needs regular attention.

Solution: Launder bath mats weekly in the hottest water and hottest dryer setting recommended by the mat’s care label. Of course, remember to clean and disinfect the floor also to avoid contaminating a newly cleaned mat.


Shoe bottoms are without a doubt one of the dirtiest places in the home. Not only do shoes track dirt and mud onto floors, but they also spread a significant amount of bacteria, including E. coli and other nasty fecal-based bacteria (typically picked up from floors in public restrooms and outside from animal excrement).

Solution: Avoid wearing shoes in the house at all when possible.

Take the opportunity this spring to tackle a few of these quiet little germ spots and help improve the health of your household. And remember, a good thorough cleaning is an important step in getting your home ready to go on the market! If you need more help getting your home market-ready, get in touch with Three Bears Home Staging to set up an online or in-person home staging consultation. We specialize in teaching homeowners how to sell their homes faster and for more money! Take a look below at some of the ways we can help!

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About Vannessa Rhoades
About Vannessa Rhoades

Vannessa Rhoades is the author of Just Right! Easy DIY Home Staging: Second Edition and founder of Three Bears Home Staging®. She is an HSR Certified Professional Home Stager™ and Certified Expert E-Designer™ and has staged and consulted on hundreds of properties in person throughout the Houston metro area and virtually across the country.

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