How to Make the Bed for Home Staging

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Beds are the focal point for most bedrooms. When you make the bed for home staging, your objective is to create a space where potential buyers feel invited to relax and would be comfortable sleeping. Think luxury hotel room!

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To give your bed that layered, high-end hotel look…

  • Remove bed linens that are dated, worn, too bright or too heavily patterned.
  • Opt for neutral color bedding, preferably solids or with minimal patterns. Not only does it give the room a more cohesive, high-end feel, it shows up much more favorably in your listing photos.
  • Bed-in-a-bag options are an easy solution and available at most big box department stores. These sets typically include the duvet or comforter, a bed skirt, pillow shams, sheets, and accessory pillows. (If you’re looking for a simple, attractive set that won’t break the bank, we recommend this white, queen-sized bed-in-a-bag from Amazon. Also available in king and a variety of other sizes.)

Steps for Staging a Luxurious, Layered Bed

  1. Iron the bed skirt and place it on the bed. I prefer a simple, tailored bed skirt cleaner lines as opposed to a fluffy dust ruffle (which can look too feminine). Amazon has one I use for staging both queen and king beds.
  1. Apply the fitted sheet as usual.
  2. Apply the flat sheet next, making sure the “right side” of the flat sheet is down, facing the fitted sheet. Tuck in the sides, leaving a couple of feet untucked near the head of the bed (you’ll fold this back at the end to make the bed feel more inviting).
  3. Spread your bedspread, coverlet, or quilt across the bed, leaving the top edge about a foot away from the headboard. Now fold your flat sheet back across the top of the spread.
  4. Fold your comforter in thirds and spread across the bottom of the bed. Alternatively, you can place the duvet the same way you’d lay a bedspread/quilt in the previous step.
  5. Place your pillows in the proper order:
    • 2 Euro pillows (3 for a king, 2 for a queen) in the back against the headboard. Euro pillows are rather large and square (26″ x 26″) and really give you bed a luxurious touch.
    • 2 standard-size pillows next for a queen bed; 3 standard-size pillows (or 2 king-size pillows) for a king bed.
    • 1 to 3 decorative throw pillows in the front layer
  1. Drape a blanket across the foot of the bed to add a little color or contrast. These are a few of our favorites, available in variety of colors. Hint: choose a color and texture that complements your space. Your accessories should simply enhance the room — not steal the show.

These are guidelines — not hard and fast rules for every bed. Play around with your options and find the solution that works best for your room and bedding. Making a beautiful bed may be a bit of a pain while you’re trying to sell, but it is a MUST for your listing photos and when showing the home. Show potential buyers just how luxurious and restful your bedroom(s) can be by making the bed look extra inviting!

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