FREE e-Design Board: Dorm Room Decor and Ideas

Oh, how I wish e-design had been a “thing” my freshman year of college (but as the Internet had just barely come into widespread use in 1995, e-design was not an option). My “dorm room decor” consisted of a cheap black comforter and sham on my bed with a single green chintz throw pillow and a framed Charlie Chaplin poster on the wall. Back then, my friends thought it was pretty fancy.

Nowadays though? Oh, WOW. Today’s dorm rooms are decorated to the nines, and thanks to online shopping options, college kids (and their parents) can outfit their whole dorm room in just a few clicks.

Moving Day is approaching quickly for those heading to college dorms, and if your decor sense is savvier than 1995 Vannessa’s and you’re hoping to turn those depressing cinder block walls into a stylish, comfy home-away-from home, you are in luck!

We’ve created three FREE downloadable dorm room designs—boho chic, glam, and university classic. 

Each dorm room design comes with a detailed click-and-buy Shopping List, so there’s no need to search for links. How easy is that? **Due to the ever-changing nature of Internet pricing/shopping, items may have changed price/availability since this post was originally created.**

Want something more customized to your taste? Choose one of our e-Design Plans to get started or fill out our online Design Questionnaire so that we can get some info about your personal style and get going on an idea for you specifically!

Moving is already a somewhat disorganized, stressful (and usually sweaty) situation —  make it a little easier on yourself by investing in an e-Design Plan from Three Bears Home Staging. Not only will you get a design plan for a beautiful room within your budget, but you can focus as little of your time and brain power on it as you want — and how great is that?

Have more questions about how our e-design services work? Click below!

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