Home Design Trends for 2020

Happy New Year! While much of our focus may be on refreshing our personal lives, our homes deserve a little attention too. Just as with every new year, our list of 2020 home design trends reflects what is gaining popularity: some of it’s inspiring, some feels way over-the-top, and some of it is old-becomes-new-again.

Design trends and fads can be a tricky thing when selling your home. Though home staging tends to focus on neutralizing strong design choices in order to create mass appeal, home sellers should consider giving a nod toward current trends when possible and removing styles that may feel dated.

With that said, here are a few up-and-coming home design trends on the horizon for 2020 (including SOME that actually work for home staging).

  • Beige is back. Most professional color sources are in agreement that beige walls are making a comeback. Although white is still at the top, beige, greige and other warmer hues are creeping back to the top of the list of preferred wall colors, while grays are steadily declining.
Photo by Barnes Construction Group via Houzz
  • Warm, earthy colors. These saturated hues and jewel tones, like chocolate, olive green, saffron, and wine, continue to grow in popularity as the cooler-toned palettes are seeing a progressive decline (although upon re-reading the list of sample colors I mentioned, it’s possible that I’m just hungry).
  • Dramatic print wallpapers. Bold designs and even pattern matching (having the same pattern fabric and wallpaper) is becoming more common. This is NOT a route you should go if you’re staging your home for sale, though, as it’s simply to taste-specific to appeal to a large number of home buyers.
Photo by Sarah & Ruby Design Studio via Houzz
  • Bold powder rooms. Looking for a small space to experiment with that dramatic wallpaper? Powder rooms (also known as half baths) are a popular choice! Navy blue is another super popular statement color popular with homeowners, especially in powder rooms, leading Sherwin-Williams to name Naval (SW 6244) as their 2020 Color of the Year.
Photo by Black Knight Group via Houzz
  • Antiques and meaningful pieces mixed with new treasures. Layering past and present souvenirs and handmade pieces that tell your story and reflect your space are also seeing a rise in popularity as homeowners strive to create a space that truly feels like home. Again, NOT something you should do for staging (buyers don’t care about your personal stuff…or they may care too much and find it a distraction), but this is a beautiful trend for redesign.
Photo by Martha O’Hara Interiors via Houzz
  • Natural accents. The texture and visual warmth of linens, wicker, grasscloth, rattan, and rustic woods are seeing a resurgence in popularity.
Photo by OMNIA Group Architects via Houzz

What design trends have you noticed gaining traction in your area? Let us know in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “Home Design Trends for 2020

  1. When you stated that warm and earthy colors were all the rage now in terms of interior colors, I thought of how I always wanted a house that was integrated with the outdoors. Living in a city with lots of buildings for many years has made me miss having plants around me, and I wanted to base my new house project around that. These colors look perfect as a complement to things like outdoor gardens and patios, so I’ll remember to use them when I find a home builder that can help me.

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