How To Create a Fillable PDF Form Free

Are you trying to create a form you can email to a client and have them fill out online? Or maybe you’re using one of our checklist templates want the ability to digitally mark “to-do” items on your phone or tablet during a walk-through of your client’s home? Sounds like you need a fillable PDF!

A fillable PDF is a PDF document that includes certain fields that are editable without PDF-editor software. If you’re looking for a way to turn our ready-made Canva Templates into a fillable PDF form, you’re in the right place! This post is going to walk you through the process, step-by-step!

There are a number of both free and not-free programs that will do this, but here are the instructions for one of our favorite free online tools.

Before I walk you through the steps, I have a super important tip for you:

Pro Tip: Use a Computer — Not Your Phone!

I recommend using a computer or laptop for your initial set up and design work. The Canva app is great for small edits later on, but some features may not be accessible on a phone or tablet.

Now, let’s get started!

Step 1: Complete All Customization and Edits

Make sure you have fully customized your Three Bears Home Staging Canva template with all your branding (logos, pictures, wording, colors, etc.). Once you are completely satisfied with the way the document looks, save it and download to your computer as a PDF.

Step 2: Use an Online Fillable PDF Tool

Go to The following instructions are for the Sejda website, but other fillable PDF tools will have a similar process.

Step 3: Upload Your Customized Template

Next, upload the document you just customized and saved as a PDF.

Step 4: Add Fillable Form Fields to Your PDF

Go over your document’s existing content and add fillable form fields where necessary. You can choose from the following field types:

  • Text Field: single text line
  • Textarea: multiple text lines
  • Radio: select only one from a group
  • Checkbox: tick one or more choices
  • Dropdown: choose one or more options from a drop-down list

How to create a fillable PDF text field

Click on the text field item from the menu. The click on the page to place a new text field.

Create checkboxes, radio buttons or dropdown

All other form fields can be added the same way.

Change border color

Have form fields with a transparent border or pick the color that suits you best.

Control form field names and other properties

Define the name for each form field and configure specific field properties, such as multiselect, export values and more.

Step 5: Save Your Document

Click on “Apply changes.” When processing completes, save your updated document. You should now have a fillable PDF document that can be easily filled out electronically (without printing).


Let us know if you need help accessing your purchased templates or need additional help!

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