“Merchandising” Your Space for Home Buyers


What people actually do and what they dream of doing are often two very different things. For example, not all buyers entertain lots of company… BUT they all ENVISION a lifestyle of entertaining. Interesting, isn’t it?

Home staging is 100% visual merchandising. It is about creating spaces that bring the vision to life — spaces your buyer demographic can dream of or “aspire to.” By staging your home, you help buyers transition from the logical decision to visit your home (because it fits their size/location criteria) to the emotional decision to make an offer (because they can “see” their family living in that home)!

The below chart helps you creatively view the differences between the “vision” staging creates for buyers who walk through your home and the way we typically live!

 Buyer Aspiration Cheat Sheet

Buyers aspire to:Buyers do not aspire to:
• Expensive things like paintings, wood, silver and glass
• New and modern things that signify fresh and clean “updated décor”
• Trends that are timeless
• The good life of travel, entertaining friends, gourmet cooking, wine tasting, espresso drinking and a luxurious, leisurely lifestyle
• Electronically savvy (flat screens, surround sound and laptops)
• Light and spacious surroundings
• Harmonious and updated color combinations
• Cheap things like plastics, particle board or aluminum
• Old and dated items that signify tired and dirty
• Fads that are tiresome
• The boring life of 8 to 5, dreary, plain, vanilla and uninspiring.  (i.e, getting rid of any traces of life or décor)
• Electronically last century (tube TVs, wires galore and big stereo speakers)
• Dark and cluttered spaces
• Clashing, non-rhythmic, half-hearted color choices done on the fly

Hands On Exercise

Grab one of your favorite home magazines or catalogs and flip through the pages.  You will see that every photo is “visually merchandised” to create a longing in the viewer. We want to create that same merchandising vision in every room of your home!

Need help creating that vision? TThree Bears Home Staging specializes in positive, empowering home staging consultations, both online and in person! We teach home sellers across the country how to sell their homes faster and for more money…and we can help you, too! Get in touch with us here!

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