Summer Home Staging Tips

summer home staging

Set the stage for summer home selling by staging an environment where potential buyers can see themselves relaxing and entertaining in a cool, comfortable space.

  • Turn the patio into an additional “room,” complete with table, chairs, placemats, plates, and cloth napkins. Add a new outdoor rug and cushy pillows to furniture.
  • Set the stage inside for summer living and activities, as well. Add a basket of pool towels and sunscreen in the laundry room. Use sea shells, lightweight fabrics, and woven accents to create a “beachy” feel. Add lots of fresh flowers.
  • Splurge on air-conditioning. Turn on ceiling fans (low setting, though–don’t blast visitors out of the house). Hot, stuffy rooms make potential buyers want to leave. Keep them comfortable so they’ll stick around and check out the rest of the home!
  • Open curtains and blinds before every showing to lighten and brighten your living spaces with summer sunshine.
  • Avoid using the oven before a showing. No need to add extra heat during the summer months.
  • Set out a decorative container filled with ice and bottles of cold water for potential buyers (give your agent a heads-up that you’ll be doing this). Everyone appreciates a cold drink in the heat.
  • Amp up curb appeal to make buyers want to get out of the car and come in. Keep the lawn green and trim. Plant beautiful flowers. Weed beds and add plenty of new mulch. Power-wash sidewalks, driveways, porches and decks.
  • Post high-quality photos of your home in its best staged condition. Many agents work with professional real estate photographers who are experts at capturing indoor and outdoor spaces at their best. Your home stager can work with these professionals to fine tune your online presentation and make your listing “pop.”

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