7 Curb Appeal Tips for Fall

fall curb appeal

There’s more to fall curb appeal than just throwing a few pumpkins in the front yard. Curb appeal is literally the first impression of your home, setting the tone for the way a buyer views the rest of the house (if they view it all)! You can create a positive first impression with home buyers this fall with these strategic seasonal updates and landscaping tips.

Limit holiday decorations. 

Do you really want buyers to see MLS photos of your Halloween-themed home when/if it’s still on the market in December? With that in mind, bypass the scarecrows, hay bales, and spooky holiday decor and focus on some limited seasonal appeal instead.  Just a few well-placed pumpkins or mums can be a colorful front porch accessory and a subtle nod to autumn. And here’s the key: add your seasonal touches after your listing photos have been taken. Otherwise, they may end up just becoming a big timestamp on your photos.

Clean up!

Remove cobwebs and wasps nests from the front porch, clean light fixtures, power wash the porch and walkways, repaint peeling door frames, and add a new plain bristle doormat. Leafless autumn trees will make any flaws on your home’s exterior even more obvious so power wash siding and repaint if necessary.

Hello Doormat

Hello Doormat, 24″ x 36″

Revive the front door.

Front doors are a focal point of the exterior, and most take a real beating in the summer sun. Adding a fresh coat of paint or sanding and re-staining gives homebuyers’  a much better first impression. While you’re at it, inspect locks and door handles for wear and update if necessary.

Unclog gutters.

A healthy, neat exterior lets potential buyers know home maintenance is important to you. Gutters overflowing with debris give the opposite impression. Remove falling leaves and pine needles from downspouts and gutters for a clean look and to prevent water damage.

Improve lighting.

Days are growing shorter so light the way for buyers with ground insert solar lights for the walkways and brighter garage sconces.

fall curb appeal

12-Pack Solar Pathway Lights

Maintain the lawn.

Even a dormant lawn still needs care! Add fertilizer, rake leaves, and continue to edge and weed.

Add fall color.

Plant colorful shrubs or fall-friendly flowers, like mums. Fresh mulch in the beds makes a huge impact and adds color and interest.

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About Vannessa Rhoades
About Vannessa Rhoades

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  1. We used Vanessa to stage our house a year ago and it sold in about six weeks. She knows her business. Staging inside and outside is so vitally important. We moved to Austin and many houses we viewed inside were nice but the outside was horrible which consequently was a deal breaker.

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