Staging Your Home for Sale During the Holidays

home staging holidays

One of the most exciting decorating seasons is finally upon us! Most homes look their best (and certainly their most festive) during the holidays, but if you’re staging your home to sell, your decorating goals should be a bit different. You want to convince buyers to buy your home–not spend a morning opening presents with you. Because early nightfall, cold wet weather, and holiday distractions typically make December a slow time for real estate sales, paying special attention to how you stage your home during the holidays can make a big difference in convincing potential buyers to get out and take a look!

home staging holidays

Declutter, clean, and stage

Adding holiday decor on top of an already messy house is a recipe for disaster when selling. First, pack away the excess, scrub and dust, rearrange furniture if necessary. Then you can think about adding decor.

Think “Seasonal,” Not “Holiday”

Pack away nativity scenes and menorahs for this year, as overtly religious decor may be distracting for some buyers. Warm wintry touches like candle arrangements, pinecones, and cozy throw pillows and blankets are a great way to nod to the season instead. Hopefully, next year you’ll be celebrating the holidays in your new home, complete with any religious/holiday decor you choose! Special note: Keep ANYTHING holiday-related or even seasonal out of your MLS photos unless you want a giant time stamp letting buyers know exactly how long your house has been sitting on the market. If you need to put out some decor, do it after photos!

Light the Way…Gently

A few strings of white lights that highlight your homes architectural features are ok, but leave it at that. Avoid inflatable penguins and plastic Santa/reindeer displays in the yard.

Use a Neutral Palette

If you absolutely must have holiday decor, add a few touches in a neutral palette (and again, add it AFTER your photos have been taken). Simple ornaments in gold and silver are more neutral than bright red and green decor.

Set the Mood

When staging your home for sale during the holidays, romance your buyers by making them feel at home! Invite them to stay with a cozily heated atmosphere (or if you’re in Texas like me, with the A/C turned to an appropriate level), soft classical or light jazz playing throughout the home at low volume, and a small plate of homemade holiday treats (if you’re not worried about crumbs or stains). Note: Don’t go overboard on artificially scented potpourri or candles. Research show that simple, natural scents, like pine or cinnamon, can be more effective at enticing buyers. Take a look at our recipes for holiday-inspired simmering potpourri for an inexpensive way to add gentle, natural fragrance.

Less is More

Tone it down while your home is on the market, especially for the photos! Remember: your MLS photos may stay on the Internet long after the holidays are over, making it easy for buyers to know exactly how long your home as been sitting on the market.

If you need helping staging your home for sale during the holidays, take a look at the expert consultation services we offer! Three Bears Home Staging specializes in occupied home staging, both online and in person, helping homeowners get a faster sale and higher profit!

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