7 Inspired Tips for How to Decorate Rooms with Tall Walls & High Ceilings

7 Inspired Tips for How to Decorate Rooms with Tall Walls and High Ceilings

If you love living rooms with tall ceilings, you probably know that having all that luxurious vertical space comes with some interesting decorating challenges. Having a high ceiling living room means you’ll have lots of space more than 8 feet up. This can make a room feel grand and spacious, but it can also feel a little cave-like and sterile. To design a warmer, more balanced vibe, you’ll need to look for ways to creatively merge the upper and lower areas by pulling focus upward. Let’s take a look at a few clever tall ceiling living room decorating ideas that will help you take advantage of all that beautiful soaring space.

1. Hang window treatments at ceiling height

Hanging curtains lower than ceiling height tends to section off the wall and make the upper area feel more remote and separate. This tip can get expensive because extra-long curtains usually cost more. Opt for solid color draperies, as patterned fabrics can be overwhelming on a larger scale.

2. Install a statement light

A big gorgeous light fixture hanging as a focal point is a great way to blend the upper and lower areas of a room. The exact spot you hang it will be determined by other elements in the particular room, but centered in the main part of the room or above the coffee table is generally a safe spot. Select a piece that takes up a lot of visual space but doesn’t necessarily weigh a lot, like a modern-style chandelier. 

3. Design a feature wall

Creating a ceiling-to-floor design on one wall is another great way to merge the higher and lower parts of a space. Something as simple and inexpensive as painting an accent wall or hanging wallpaper on one wall can be quite effective. If you have a tall fireplace wall with high ceilings or a vaulted fireplace wall, you can extend the brick or stone toward the ceiling to draw the eye upwards.

4. Utilize architectural features

Exposed beams, crown molding, beadboard, and other architectural details are common in a living room with tall ceilings. If your home doesn’t have these features, consider making the investment to give the room some character and a little added visual interest. Again, these details help draw the eye upward and connect the upper and lower areas of the room.

5. Install shelving

Wall shelves or bookshelves are another creative way to take advantage of extra vertical space. Floating shelves strategically spaced around the wall work well in some spaces, while tall bookshelves may work well in others. If you love to read, a full accent wall made up only of shelves may be just the ticket. Be creative.

6. Hang large art creatively

Whether it’s a gallery-style wall that takes up the entire floor-to-ceiling space or an extra large piece that you can hang a little higher, large art and artwork groupings help tie together parts of the room and pull the gaze upwards. Experiment with scale and proportion to add a bit of drama. Make sure your art complements the rest of the decor in your space.

7. Consider painting or adding texture to the ceiling

Trying to make your space feel less cavernous and bring the ceiling down a little bit? You may want to consider darkening the ceiling. Painting the ceiling a darker color or adding wood or other texture can help can make it visually appear a bit lower. This can help contain a really massive space.

Need more decorating ideas for living rooms with tall ceilings?

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