Home Office Ideas for Small Spaces

home office ideas

I’ve gotten a lot of questions from clients struggling with small home office ideas over the past year. When space is tight, simply finding room to set up your home office (or classroom) can be tough. But it’s not impossible — it just means you have to get creative.

Like many people, I’m not unfamiliar with the challenges of working from home. My husband and I have shared a home office for years. And since last April, all three of my kids (elementary, junior high, and high school) have been attending school virtually thanks to the pandemic. Even as I type this, my dog is steadily jumping into and out of my lap with her toy, trying to entice me to play with her. Suffice it to say, there’s a lot of organized chaos going on in my house on any given Monday – Friday over the past ten months.

It’s my experience that this type of “organized chaos” functions best when you’ve made efficient use of your available space. Take a look at these inspiring small home office ideas.

Closet Home Office

A closet turned office, or “cloffice” as it’s more trendily known (not sure I’m on board with that name), is a popular, space-saving solution for many homeowners. By emptying a spare closet of contents that could be stored elsewhere, you’ll open up usable space that has the added benefit of doors for privacy.

Or go hog wild and take the doors off the closet — now you’ve got a “built-in” home office space.

If you’ve got a huge walk-in style closet, you might be able to simply re-organize and add a desk, as this homeowner did.

Hallway Home Office

This homeowner took an awkward hallway and turned it into an efficient small home office space by installing floating shelves, like these — what a great idea!

Nook Home Office

Do you have a little nook somewhere that’s sitting empty or you’ve never really known what to use it for? Here you go — add some floating shelves. Add a trendy desk and great under cabinet lighting for an instant small home office.

Hey…All I’ve Got Is a Wall

Maybe all you have available is a wall — no nook, no closet, just a wall. No problem! This homeowner mounted a floating desk, like this one. This set-up features a drop-down panel for working that’s easy to close and store when not in use.

Do you have a small space you’ve transformed into a home office? Share your ideas with us in the comments below!

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home office ideas

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