Home Office Ideas for Small Spaces

I’ve gotten a lot of questions from clients struggling with small home office ideas over the past year. When space is tight, simply finding room to set up your home office (or classroom) can be tough. But it’s not impossible — it just means you have to get creative. Like many people, I’m not unfamiliarContinue reading “Home Office Ideas for Small Spaces”

Our Top Recommended Cleaning “Must-Haves” for DIY Home Staging

When it comes to selling your home, cleanliness says a LOT to your potential buyers (so does dirtiness, for that matter). Home buyers are some of the most judgemental visitors that will ever darken your door (and understandably so, right? — they’re trying to decide whether they want to invest thousands of dollars in yourContinue reading “Our Top Recommended Cleaning “Must-Haves” for DIY Home Staging”

New Year Purge List: FREE PRINTABLE

Whether you’re planning to sell your home this year or you’re just trying to get more organized in general, getting rid of all the extra clutter is a good baseline from which to start. We’ve put together a handy little check list to help you get the new year off to clean start. You can download our FREE PRINTABLE CHECKLIST…

How to Create a Cozy Guest Room for Holiday Visitors

As family and friends descend upon your home for the holiday season, it’s time to get your guest room in shape to receive visitors! Use our helpful tips to make sure you have everything in place to make your guests feel at home. Let’s Start With the Fun Stuff… Fresh flowers are a sweet touch,Continue reading “How to Create a Cozy Guest Room for Holiday Visitors”

3 Steps to Take to Prepare for a Successful Post-Holiday Home Sale

Planning a post-holiday home sale? It’s a journey that requires thoughtful preparation and strategic steps. Selling a home isn’t just a transaction; it’s a presentation, and the first impression can make all the difference. As you prepare, it’s important to understand that potential buyers have certain expectations. For example, homebuyers assume a clean, organized, updatedContinue reading “3 Steps to Take to Prepare for a Successful Post-Holiday Home Sale”