3 Steps to Take to Prepare for a Successful Post-Holiday Home Sale

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Deciding to sell your home is a big step, but almost all home owners will still have a few things to do before actually activating their listing. Remember, buyers assume that a clean, organized, updated home is well-maintained — and they make the opposite assumption about dirty, cluttered, or dated homes. Once you’ve made the decision to sell, don’t leave any money on the table. Give yourself an edge on a successful post-holiday home sale and a “show ready” house by getting an early start with these three tips:

Pare Down the Primary Closet

“This house has way too much storage!” said NO BUYER EVER. It probably goes without saying that an empty closet shows better with buyers than one packed full of clothes and miscellany. That being said, emptying all the closets is not practical for most homeowners so concentrate your efforts on THE most important closet in a home buyer’s decision-making process: the primary bedroom or owners’ suite closet. Organize, eliminate, and get stuff off the floor.

For more detailed info on how to organize your closet for staging, check out our book, Just Right! Easy DIY Home Staging, now available on Amazon. Or enroll in our self-paced, online homeowner’s course, Just Right! Easy DIY Home Staging for Home SellersTM.

Less is definitely more when it comes to closets, especially in the primary bedroom! Start packing now to show off features buyers love, like built-in shelves and extra storage space.

Begin De-Personalizing

Buyers need to be able to walk into your home and easily envision their family living there — not be reminded that they are a guest in someone else’s home. Start packing family photos, collections, sports memorabilia, and anything related to your hobbies or religion. This may feel especially difficult during the holiday season, but if you plan on listing at the first of the year, set yourself up for a faster sale by starting the de-personalization process now.

Family photos and other personal memorabilia are what make your house feel like home — your home. Help potential buyers envision their own family living in the space by packing that stuff away.

Take Care of Any Maintenance, Repairs, or Updates

Leaky faucets, that one light switch that doesn’t work, the places on the wall that need touch-up paint…the list goes on and on for most homeowners. NOW is the time to start updating or fixing all those things you’ve been putting off. One trick we use with our clients is blue painter’s tape — just stick a small piece on every spot in your house that needs maintenance or updating. The tape pieces are a constant visual “to-do” list that you can work on in the months leading up to your listing.

Assemble the tools and get to work! It’s far more practical to take care of repairs and updates before listing your home than waiting until you get to the negotiation table.

How We Can Help

When it comes to preparing for a post-holiday home sale, it’s extremely hard for most sellers to be objective about their own home. Investing in a professional home staging consultation BEFORE you list your home for sale will help you learn about how to show your home in its best light and give you more time to make the changes needed to get you a faster sale and a higher profit. Take a look below at all the ways we can help!

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