Paint Color Review: Sherwin-Williams Canvas Tan 7531

Paint Color Review: Sherwin-Williams Canvas Tan 7531

What is the “Undertone” of Canvas Tan? Does Canvas Tan look yellow?

Since everyone perceives color a bit differently, let’s take a look at something a little more objective – the numbers. If you look at Canvas Tan’s spectral data, it has a hue angle of 89.126°. This means it is officially part of the Yellow hue family. Like many neutral paint colors, Canvas Tan also has a pretty low chroma value (9.218), which means that its primary color is muted by a lot of gray.

sherwin-williams canvas tan undertone

Will Canvas Tan look yellow on the wall? No, but the intensity of the warmth will change depending on the quality of your light. In a south-facing room or with western afternoon light, it will look warm without being too golden. In a north-facing room or in rooms with little natural light, the warmth will be more muted. Remember, your quality of light changes throughout the day so view a sample of this color on all walls and in a variety of artificial and natural light. 


Ceiling is painted in SW Canvas Tan.

Is Canvas Tan warm or cool?

Canvas Tan by Sherwin Williams is in the Yellow hue family. This makes it a warm color. 

The wall color is SW7531 Canvas Tan, the ceiling is SW6126 Navajo White, and the trim color is SW7562 Roman Column.

What is the LRV of Canvas Tan?

Light Reflectance Value (LRV) is a measure of how much light a paint reflects back into a room, with 100% being highly reflective and zero being not reflective at all. Canvas Tan has an LRV of 64, which makes it just right for many residential interiors. It’s an especially good color choice for home staging – not only is it a flexible neutral color, but it also reflects a lot of light back into your space without washing out or looking too desaturated.

Wall color is SW Canvas Tan.

You must sample this color in the space you intend to use it before you start putting it on your walls ! (We mail large 8″ x 10″ paint swatches of our recommendations to our Virtual Color Consultation clients.)

Which white trim color goes with Canvas Tan?

Wall paint is Sherwin-Williams Canvas Tan SW7531, and the trim is Alabaster SW7008.

What other paint colors coordinate with Canvas Tan?

Canvas Tan is a relatively muted neutral. It tends to partner best with the following color combinations:

  • Some soft cream colors
  • Other neutrals that have a lower LRV than it does (i.e., darker)
  • Dark earthy greens, dark grays, and navy blue accents

Here’s a sample Sherwin-Williams Canvas Tan color palette we put together for you:

Sherwin-Williams Canvas Tan coordinating paint colors

Is Canvas Tan a good exterior paint color?

With the right color roof, Canvas Tan can be a great exterior paint color. It works better on homes that don’t have a lot of brick or stone accents (which often tend to look better with a more golden-beige paint color instead of the lighter creaminess of Canvas Tan). Its LRV of 64 means it will reflect a lot of light and can look much lighter in an outdoor environment than you may expect. Again, view paper samples on the exterior wall prior to painting.

The stucco color is SW Canvas Tan, and the shutters were a custom color mixed on the job site. 

What other paint colors are similar to Canvas Tan?

I never, ever recommend color matching between brands. You cannot color match between brands and expect to get identical results. But if you’re looking for something similar to Canva Tan in another brand, here are a few dupes that are a close match based on their spectral data: 

If Canvas Tan isn’t quite hitting the mark for you, there are a few other paint colors within the Sherwin-Williams lines that take a similar approach. 

Canvas Tan vs. Natural Tan

Canvas Tan vs. Manchester Tan

Canvas Tan vs. Kilim Beige

Canvas Tan vs. Accessible Beige

Canvas Tan vs. Neutral Ground

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