Paint Color Review: Sherwin-Williams Pure White 7005

Paint Color Review: Sherwin-Williams Pure White 7005

What is the LRV of Pure White?

You must sample this color in the space you intend to use it before you start putting it on your walls and trim! (We mail 8″ x 10″ paint swatches of our recommendations to our Virtual Color Consultation clients.)

What is the “undertone” of Pure White? Will it look yellow or pink?

If we take a look at its spectral data, we see SW Pure White has a hue angle of 106.961°. This puts it (just barely) in the Yellow hue family, nudging the Green-Yellow hue family pretty closely. 

Sherwin-Williams Pure White 7005

This is the same area of the color wheel where many popular neutrals live, as there’s a good balance of warmth and coolness. It has a very high lightness value (94.457) balanced with a decent amount of chroma (4.065). This means that it’s bright and clean, but has just enough pigment to keep it from feeling too sterile.

Will it look yellow or pink on the walls? Probably not much. That said, white paint is incredibly reflective and can easily mirror its surroundings’ color. So, for example, if you’ve got a lot of red furnishings or red brick in your home, it may reflect a bit of pink. If you’ve got a lot of sunlight filtered by leafy green plants, it could reflect a little bit of that green back to you. 

Can I pair Sherwin-Williams Pure White with another white paint color? Will it look yellow?

It might. If you have SW Pure white on the walls, I recommend using it on the trim and/or cabinets as well. Simply change the sheen or finish to give it some dimension. For example, use eggshell for the walls and satin for the cabinets and trim. When you start trying to mix and match white paints, their differences in hue and chroma become much more obvious. One will likely end up highlighting the hue family of the other, causing it to look grayer/yellower/dingier by comparison.

What are other paint colors that are equivalent or similar to Sherwin-Williams Pure White?

As a reminder, I don’t recommend color matching between brands. You cannot color match between brands and expect to get identical results. You will see shifts in color and depth. But if you’re looking for something similar to Pure White in another brand, there are options: 

How does SW Pure White compare to other popular white paint colors?

Compared to other popular white paint colors, SW Pure White takes its own approach:

Sherwin-Williams Pure White vs. Sherwin-Williams Extra White

Sherwin-Williams Pure White vs. Sherwin-Williams Alabaster

Sherwin-Williams Pure White vs. Sherwin-Williams Snowbound

Sherwin-Williams Pure White vs. Sherwin-Williams High Reflective White

Sherwin-Williams Pure White vs. Benjamin Moore Simply White

Need Help Choosing a Color?

Order Your Virtual Color Consultation Report Today!

Whether you’re looking for a complete refresh of your space, experimenting with a new style, or just need a little professional guidance to help narrow down your paint color choices, our online color consultations can help!

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