Front Porch Ideas and Home Staging Tips

In my experience with home sellers, the front porch is often one of the most neglected parts of a home. This makes sense when you think about how most homeowners use the front porch…in that they really don’t use it at all. Many homeowners enter their house through the garage or a back door entrance and only briefly pop their head out the front door when greeting a guest or receiving a package.

This is not the experience potential buyers will have when visiting your home. They’ll often arrive ahead of the real estate agent and stand on the front porch, impatiently tapping their toes, straining to peek in the window, and judging every square inch of it.

And let’s be honest: they have every right to do that. They’re trying to decide whether or not to invest thousands of dollars in purchasing your property! So take the time to make sure your very first impression is a great one!

Front Porch Staging Tips

  1. Clean, clean, clean! Sweep the porch, brush away cobwebs, empty the bug carcasses from light fixtures, shine the windows, and wipe down doors.
  2. Refresh the finishes. Re-painting or replacing your front entry door is actually one of the top ROI updates you can make to your home. While you’re at it, consider updating heavily scratched or peeling door hardware. Make sure the house number is visible and in good shape as well.
  3. Add life! Plants and colorful flowers are a great way to transition buyers from the outside to the inside, but keep pottery neutral, unobtrusive, and to a minimum. This is not the spot to go all “Crazy Plant Lady/Man.”
  4. Accessorize CAREFULLY. A few carefully chosen, neutral accessories will add a welcoming touch (see suggestion below). Too many personalized accessories will send buyers the message that you are firmly planted in this home and may not really be interested in leaving. “Too personalized” includes (but is not limited to) the following:
    • all statuary (gnomes, angels, pet memorials, saints, butterflies, birds, and toads)
    • flags and banners (ALL types)
    • chimes, dangling or spinning decor
    • anything remotely political or religious
    • anything made by your kids or grandkids
    • any cutesy/personalized/instructional signs (i.e., monogrammed door mats, “No Soliciting” sign, “The Jones Family” plaque, etc.)

Front Porch Decor Ideas

Take a look at some of our recommendations for front porch staging decor. Use it as inspiration to shop for your own pieces or simply click to order from Amazon.

This eucalyptus wreath has beautiful thick leaves and full berries – simple and elegant. You’ll need to fluff out the leaves a bit after delivery since it’s packed pretty tightly in the box. Looks great on a door under a covered front porch!

CEWOR Artificial Eucalyptus Wreath 20inch Large Green Leaf Wreath for Festival Celebration Front Door Wall Window Party Decoration

This layered rug set is the perfect combo for beautiful listing photos and home showings! Versatile, low maintenance, easy to clean, chic, and trendy. (I do recommend bringing them indoors during heavy rain, though).

Sierra Concepts Pure Coco Coir Front Door Welcome Mat Outdoor Rug 30″x17″ + Buffalo Plaid Rug Checkered Layered Black and White Floor Combo Set – Non Slip Entryway Indoor Outdoors Mats Home Sweet Home

This 4’ tall Mini Cedar Pine Tree perfectly captures the essence of the real thing, and you can’t kill it! Super versatile – looks great in sunny or snowy climates and withstands the elements well.

Nearly Natural 5172 4ft. Cedar Tree Silk Tree (Indoor/Outdoor),Green,49.5″ x 9″ x 9″

This weather-proof planter will look chic and elegant on your front porch all year long. The UV protection within the material allows for a long-lasting fade-free performance.

Tusco Products MC16 BK 16″ Modern Colonial Garden Planter, 16 inches, Black

If your front porch has the space for it, add a focal point with a rustic acacia wood bench.

Christopher Knight Home Carlisle Outdoor Acacia Wood and Rustic Metal Bench, Sandblack Finish / Rustic Metal

This vintage lantern and LED candle add a touch of warmth and welcome to your front porch photos.

Bright Zeal 14″ Tall Black Vintage Candle Lantern with LED Flickering Flameless Candles and Timer (Batteries Included) – Candle Lanterns Decorative – Indoor Outdoor Hanging Lights – Candles & Holders

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