Paint Color Review: Benjamin Moore October Mist 1495

Paint Color Review-October Mist

What is the “Undertone” of October Mist?

Typically when people ask this question what they really want to know is whether there are any “hidden” colors in the paint that will sneak up on you once it’s on the walls. October Mist is pretty obviously green. Looking at its spectral data more closely, we can see that it has a hue angle of 115.818°. This puts October Mist in the Green-Yellow hue family.

What does that mean? Simply put, that close proximity to a warm color like yellow makes October Mist a warm green (as opposed to a cooler green that would be closer to blue on the wheel). October Mist is also grounded with a generous dose of gray, making this a lower chroma (less vivid, less colorful) paint color. That’s why it works so well as a neutral!

Want to learn how to simply and accurately identify a paint color’s hue family? In my online course, Color By The Numbers™, I show you how easy it is to locate spectral data and how to use it to evaluate colors.

What is the LRV of October Mist?

Light Reflectance Value (LRV) is a measure of how much light a paint reflects back into a room, with 100% being highly reflective and zero being not reflective at all. October Mist has an LRV of 46.54%, which means it will reflect a moderate amount of light. It can look a bit dark on the wall in low-light situations. When given a reasonable amount of light, however, it lightens quite a bit while still holding its color. Remember, your quality of light changes throughout the day so view a sample on all walls and in a variety of artificial and natural light.

You must sample this color in the space you intend to use it before you start putting it on your walls and trim! (We mail 8″ x 10″ paint swatches of our recommendations to our Virtual Color Consultation clients.)

Which White Trim Color Goes with October Mist?

What Other Paint Colors Go Well With October Mist?

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Is October Mist a Good Exterior Paint Color?

If you’re looking for a green that isn’t overwhelmingly vivid or colorful, October Mist can be a gorgeous choice. Just be sure it complements your other exterior features, like your roof, brick, or stone.

What Other Paint Colors Are Similar to October Mist?

As a reminder, I don’t recommend color matching between different brands. I have seen clients do this for any number of reasons (to save a little money, their contractor will only work with a specific brand, lack of access, etc.). But the bottom line is that you cannot color match between brands and expect to get identical results.

You may get really close. You may even get a color you can live with if you’re lucky. But with color matching, there are no guarantees because different brands use different formulas, bases, and proprietary pigments. Ultimately, it will be a different product.

Need Help Choosing a Color?

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