Paint Color Review: Sherwin-Williams Naval 6244

Paint Color Review Naval SW6258 Sherwin-Williams

What color is Naval? What “undertones” are in Naval?

“Undertone” is a tricky word when it comes to paint color. This is because it’s referring to a subjective opinion based on lighting and context. What most people are really asking with this question is, “What other colors are lurking in this paint? Will it look purple or green on the wall?”

To answer this question more objectively, we evaluate a paint color’s spectral data (things like hue and chroma). Spectral data is not subjective or based on opinion; it can be objectively and scientifically calculated using colorimeters and photospectrometers. Understanding a color’s spectral data can help us accurately predict how it will render on the wall.

For example, hue refers to the area where a particular color lives on the color wheel – red, yellow, blue, green, etc. According to the L*Ch° spectral data for Naval Sherwin Williams, it has a hue angle of about 271.186°, putting it right in the middle of the Purple-Blue hue family. This means you might see just a tiny wink of purple in certain qualities of light, but that’s toned down by a pretty healthy dose of black.

Paint color on the color wheel Sherwin Williams Naval 6244 undertones

Chroma, another piece of spectral data, is a measure of a paint color’s vividness or saturation. Naval has a moderate amount of chroma (9.641). This means it should hold its color reasonably well, even in low-light situations. The best way to observe this is by comparing Naval to other navy blue paint colors. For example, Naval is a more vivid blue than Benjamin Moore Hale Navy (a grayer, more subdued navy), but it’s not quite as vivid as Sherwin-Williams Salty Dog (a stronger, more colorful navy).

Want to learn how to simply and accurately identify a paint color’s hue family? Curious about how to use chroma? In my online course, Color By The Numbers™, I show you how easy it is to locate spectral data and how to use it to evaluate colors.

Is Sherwin Williams Naval warm or cool?

Because it’s in the Purple-Blue hue family, Naval SW6244 is naturally a cool paint color.

What is the LRV of Naval?

Light Reflectance Value (LRV) is a measure of how much light a paint reflects back into a room, with 100% being highly reflective and zero being not reflective at all. With an LRV of only 4, Naval is one of the darkest blue paint colors on the market. In fact, in a very dark room or dark corner, it may appear nearly black.

Wall stripes Sherwin Williams Anew Gray SW7030 and SW6244 Naval. 

You must sample this color in the space you intend to use it before you start putting it on your walls and trim! (We mail 8″ x 10″ paint swatches of our recommendations to our Virtual Color Consultation clients.)

What white trim color goes with Naval?

What colors go with Sherwin Williams Naval SW6244?

Naval is incredibly versatile and coordinates well with lots of other paint colors. It looks especially pretty with gray and greige paint colors, white, and some creams. We’ve put together a sample Sherwin-Williams Naval color palette below just for fun and to give you a visual of what coordinating colors might look like. Use what inspires you!

sherwin williams coordinating color palette

Is Sherwin-Williams Naval a good cabinet color?

Yes! The key is making sure that it complements (not competes with) your countertops and backsplash. If you’re a person who loves color and isn’t planning to sell your home anytime soon, go for it! If you’re feeling a little adventurous but not yet ready to cover all your cabinets in blue, consider using it on only a kitchen island or a bathroom vanity. Naval makes a fantastic accent color and looks great mixed in with whites and wood tones.

Is Sherwin-Williams Naval a good exterior paint color?

Naval can be a jaw-dropping color for your home exterior, especially if it suits your home’s other exterior features. We think it looks especially pretty with brick, stone, and natural wood.

If you love this color but aren’t sure you want an entirely Naval exterior, consider using it as an accent color! A Sherwin-Williams Naval front door or shutters can be a gorgeous design statement. 

What Other Paint Colors Are Similar to Naval?

Again, I never recommend color matching between brands. You cannot color match between brands and expect to get identical results. But if you’re looking for dupes in another brand, there are options. Based on their spectral data, these colors are pretty comparable to Naval: 

How Does Sherwin-Williams Naval Compare to Other Popular Navy Blue Paint Colors?

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect navy blue paint color, you’ve probably run across some others you’re considering. Here’s how they compare with Sherwin Williams Naval.

• Sherwin Williams Naval vs Benjamin Moore Hale Navy

• Sherwin Williams Naval vs In The Navy

• Sherwin-Williams Naval vs Salty Dog

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