Budget-Friendly Home Staging Decor from Walmart

budget friendly home staging decor from Walmart

Are you staging your home on a budget? It can feel more than a little overwhelming. My clients on a tight budget often worry whether they’ll even be able to find beautiful decor options to show off the home they’re selling.

Fortunately, this is where big box stores, the Internet, and a great home staging resource (like us!) can help homeowners complete the look and market their homes for sale in a beautiful, affordable way.

budget home staging
Beautiful home staging decor doesn’t have to cost a fortune to make a “for sale” home look its best! Take a look at some of our budget-friendly finds from Walmart.

Whether you shop there regularly or not, there’s no denying that Walmart has some fabulous deals for anyone working with a tight budget. Their online selection has grown tremendously in recent years as they’ve expanded into the home decor marketplace. Heck, even with access to tons of industry resources and fancier stores, many professional home stagers occasionally head to Walmart for deals on basic decor essentials!

Take a look at some of these budget-friendly home staging decor essentials you can get a great deal on at Walmart

Nestl 3 Piece Duvet Cover Set

A beautiful, relaxing bedroom is an important consideration for many home buyers. Neutral bed linens appeal to nearly all buyers so invest in a new duvet in a clean, neutral palette. Just slip your existing comforter inside this duvet cover and add some fresh fluffy pillows to the matching shams for a gorgeous new look that buyers will love!

60″ Black and Gray Rectangular Cotton Throw

You know home stagers love a good throw blanket. They add pattern, texture, and color to a space and can make a bare couch feel cozy and inviting. This one is a steal (and it’s machine washable)!

Woven Jute Storage Basket

Home stagers also love baskets. They add both texture and beauty to a space, but best of all? Baskets hide clutter in plain site while giving you easy access to needed items! We especially love this one.

Designer Clear Glass Apothecary Jars, Set of 3

Apothecary jars are one of the most versatile, budget-friendly DIY home staging props you can use. Just fill them with whatever suits your color scheme and style. Adding them to a bathroom? Fill with cotton swabs, cotton balls, or bath salts. Need a little color in the kitchen? Add beans, faux fruit, or pasta.

Airomé Porcelain Passive Diffuser, Succulent

Unpleasant odors will drive buyers right out of your home. That’s why we love using diffusers. Just add a little essential oil, like citrus or peppermint, and your diffuser will provide a continuous clean, fresh scent without the worry of lighting a candle. And this one does double duty as an adorable piece of accent decor!

White and Black Stone Pot with Faux Aloe

Plants add drama, warmth, color, and visual interest. Artificial plants are especially useful in spaces that have little to no natural light or in a home that will be vacant. If you invest in faux plants, varieties that mimic the look of specific live plants, like air plants or succulents, like this aloe.

Accent Pillows

New accent pillows are an easy way to add color and texture to your bed or sofa, and Walmart has a huge variety available online. We love this one paired with a darker couch.

Large, Neutral Artwork

One of the most needed items I see in my consultations is the need for some large, neutral artwork. Many homeowners have beautiful artwork that is just too small for the scale of the space. Other have very personalized pieces or family photos adorning the walls. Remember, the goal of home staging is to showcase your home (not your family, interests, or belongings) and appeal to the widest audience possible. Invest in a few neutral pieces, like this one, to give your home a more upscale, designer feel. How pretty would a couple of these babies be hung side by side above the sofa?

Large Mirror

A properly place large mirror can instantly add light and visual square footage to any area! I find them particularly helpful when used as an accent above an entryway table or in a dining room.

Decorative Trays

Decorative trays an amazing staging tool for the homeowner who is living in the house while it’s for sale. Used as a marketing “hook,” trays are an effective way to draw a buyer’s eye to features you want to highlight, like a gourmet kitchen island or spacious bathroom countertops. But the best part is that they’re super easy to move! Just pick it up when you need to use the space, and put it back in place when you want the room to look decorated. Read our blog post for tips on how to use trays and then order one for yourself by clicking the button below.

table lamp

Table Lamp

Your lamp style can instantly update or age a space. If you’ve got a couple of itty bitty lamps on your night stands or a 30-year old lamp with a dusty pleated shade hanging out in the living room, consider swapping them with this one. Add the right light bulbs and enjoy your new, updated look!

Geometric Tabletop Sculpture

Styling a bookshelf or accessorizing a coffee table can be oddly challenging. It helps to invest in a few beautiful, inexpensive pieces of decor to add visual interest to your display, like this geometric sculpture.

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We’ve got you covered! Take a look at all the ways we’re helping home sellers around the country! Whether you’re selling a $70,000 condo or a $3 million estate, every home can benefit from being properly staged and prepared!

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About Vannessa Rhoades
About Vannessa Rhoades

Vannessa Rhoades is the author of Just Right! Easy DIY Home Staging and the founder of the award-winning firm, Three Bears Home Staging®. She specializes in providing positive and empowering consultations to help homeowners sell more quickly and for more money. Vannessa has staged and consulted on hundreds of properties, both in person throughout the Houston metro area and virtually across the country.

Published by Vannessa Rhoades, Three Bears Home Staging

Vannessa Rhoades is the author of "Just Right! Easy DIY Home Staging" and the founder of the award-winning firm, Three Bears Home Staging®. She specializes in providing positive and empowering consultations to help homeowners sell more quickly and for more money. Vannessa has staged and consulted on hundreds of properties, both in person throughout the Houston metro area and virtually across the country.

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