Tips for Organizing and Staging Your Laundry Room

home staging laundry room

We all have to do laundry. For most of us, it’s not a room we choose to spend a lot of time in. Remember, though, home staging is all about romancing potential buyers–not reminding them of chores or a lack of storage space. Keeping the laundry room clean, bright and organized when selling will maximize its appeal when staging your home for sale!

De-clutter. This is the number one task when it comes to laundry rooms. Often these spaces end up becoming catch-alls for cases of water, boxes of art supplies or a 50-lb bag of dog food, in addition to piles of shoes and dirty clothes. HIDE IT OR GET RID OF IT. If you’re selling your home, you’re eventually going to have to pack up most of that stuff anyway. Clear off counters and shelves, remove hangers — keep only the barest of essentials in this room. Use pretty baskets or boxes to organize what’s left behind.

Clean and brighten. Dust and dryer lint builds up easily in this room. Wipe down appliances and mop floors. Check the walls for scuffs and re-paint if necessary. Also, consider using higher lumens bulbs if the lighting is dim. (Read our post on how to choose the right light bulbs for home staging.)

Check for odor. Who doesn’t love the clean smell of fresh laundry? An easy way to give the laundry room the same fresh clean smell is to use  dryer sheets in between some neatly folded towels (like in the picture).

Conceal dirty laundry. Let’s face it–nobody wants to be touring a home and unexpectedly see piles of dirty underwear. Make sure dirty laundry is completely concealed in the hamper. Have clean laundry that hasn’t been folded yet and no time to put it away before a showing? Toss it back into the dryer and out of sight until you can get to it!

home staging laundry

As a professional home stager, I can tell you the laundry room is by far the number one most neglected space by homeowners when it comes to staging. Buyers WILL open the door to this room, and they WILL make snap judgments about it. A space that feels cluttered with little room to move will not make as favorable an impression as one that is clean and spacious.

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